Saaser-Stube surprises for the Saaser Gourmet Trail 2021 and beyond

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Guests will have to wait a few more days for the actual starting signal for the summer season at the Saaserhof Apartments. However, the restaurant of the Saaserhof Apartments, the Saaser-Stube, already made the symbolic start at the Saaser Gourmet Trail 2021 on June 20. Here, Nicole and Jonas Bumann and their team delighted the guests with genuine culinary highlights.

The exclusive gourmet experience will continue at the latest with the start of the summer season in the Saaser-Stube. Then, in addition to the classics and legends, guests can also expect an opulent Valais platter that fulfills everything that real gourmet lovers expect from the Valais. Learn more about the Saaser-Stube on the Saaser Gourmet Trail 2021 and what the Saaser Platte can also be for you from 03 July 2021 in the detailed article.


The Saaserhof Apartments are a guarantee of good taste

How the restaurant Saaser-Stube to the gourmet trail and inspires with a new menu.

Inseparably linked with the Saaserhof Apartments is the restaurant Saaser-Stube. For guests of the house as well as for day guests and locals, the Saaser-Stube offers an excellent range of culinary delights for every budget and every taste.

Saaser-Stube active on the Saas Gourmet Trail 2021

The numerous participants of the Saas Gourmet Trail, which invited again with a culinary pleasure hike on June 20, 2021, could convince themselves of this. In addition to several other top-class restaurateurs from the Saas Valley, Nicole and Jonas Bumann together with their team convinced here with a true firework of good taste. In addition to selected culinary highlights, there was of course also a good drop or two of wine here and always the cordiality of the hosts from the Saaserhof Apartments.

The Saas Gourmet Trail is exciting not only because of the successful combination of mountain hike and the already legendary gourmet mile. What defines this event above all is the performance of the restaurateurs who present themselves here and really belong to the best that the top cuisine in the Saas Valley has to offer.

Logically, the chefs from the Saaser-Stube were also to be found here, who already with a great and long tradition bring selected specialties but also classics from the Valais excellently interpreted to the table.

Guests delighted

What can already be said just one day after the legendary Gourmet Trail is that the guests were enthusiastic throughout. Especially by the culinary delicacies that the Saaser-Stube had prepared. The high level of enthusiasm was not only evident from the “Oh” and “Ah” when tasting the delicacies, but also in the cordial conversation with the guests. And surely there are any number of other reasons why the heavily laden tables of the Saaser-Stube were always well attended for the Gourmet Trail 2021.

But the joy is found on both sides. As enthusiastic as the guests were about what the Saaser-Stube had to offer, so were the makers of the culinary highlights. Here Nicole and Jonas Bumann, together with their team, were able to show what they can always offer their guests: Namely, a high level of enthusiasm that goes far beyond the otherwise courted “satisfied customers”. The restaurateurs from the Saaserhof Apartments emphasize again and again that satisfied guests are by no means enough for them. What is actually wanted is surprise, enthusiasm and the clear will to want to come back again to the Saaserhof Apartments or especially to the Saaser-Stube. With this, the restaurateurs were able to convince without exception for the Gourmet Trail 2021 far beyond the actual pleasure mile.

New menu continues success story

For the hosts in the Saaserhof Apartments and especially for the culinary makers in the Saaser-Stube, the Saaser Gourmet Trail 2021 was only the prelude to new surprises in the sense of the guests. Visible and above all to taste, this is also when you take a closer look at the new menu for the summer season 2021 or best of all try a few dishes.

The absolute highlight for the eye, nose and palate is likely to be the Saas Plate, which will delight you with a top-class culinary variety. In addition to lots of meat, scampi and delicious sauces, it is the many small details that make this plate a real moment of pleasure for all who expect a clear more.

Already the test eaters of the Saas Plate were more than thrilled with the quantity, variety and quality, which is uniquely reflected in the tradition of Saasi Burger, Alpenhexe Fondue Chinoise or numerous dishes flambéed at the table.

Now it is up to the guests in Valais, especially in the Saas Valley, not only to discover for themselves the pleasant stay in the Saaserhof Apartments, but above all to experience why the Saaser-Stube has long been more than the gastronomic mainstream would lead one to expect. The presence of the Saaser-Stube at the Saaser Gourmet Trail 2021 certainly offered a foretaste of this. For Nicole and Jonas Bumann, however, the Gourmet Trail was only the starting signal for the new summer season, which will be ushered in punctually on July 2, 2021 with the incomparably genuine élan of the hoteliers and restaurateurs from the Saaserhof Apartments.

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Holidays at the Saaserhof Apartments arranged online

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Those who want to spend their holidays or book a brief sojourn at the Saaserhof Apartments in Saas Fee will find the best information online in advance. In addition to the simple options to book the right apartment quickly and easily online, there is a lot of information about staying at the Saaserhof Apartments and the offers in the region available at If you want to know more about how to prepare for active relaxation in the Saas Valley online, read the detailed article.

Dogs are welcome here.

Find the best offers for active recreation online

Recreation, relaxation, wellness and holidays are certainly some of the most popular search terms on search engines when it comes to those special days or weeks of the year. Many individual travellers, families and groups use the internet to find the best offers for active recreation or simply for a nice holiday. It is therefore only logical that the Saaserhof Apartments in Saas Fee showcase their services on the internet and present the most beautiful parts of the Saas Valley.

In the beginning there is always a good vacation rental

Those who want to enjoy their holidays or simply a few free days in the Saas Valley untroubled, first look for the right vacation rental. Some prefer the classical hotel accommodation; others would rather have a private holiday home or holiday apartment. The Saaserhof Apartments have found the best solution for all those who want a secluded area for themselves but still want to enjoy the advantages of an accommodation similar to a hotel.

For this purpose, the Saaserhof has transformed itself from a former classic hotel into a chic apartment house and offers guests comfortably furnished apartments ranging from 2 to 4.5 rooms. And of course, the apartments can also be found online and, above all, booked online. This makes the first step towards a relaxing holiday trip extremely convenient. The advantage is that available apartments are immediately visible. The booking process can be completed with a few clicks and payment is secure.

A few additional services such as the bread roll service, cleaning service or lunch and dinner in the restaurant Saaser-Stube can be easily booked and the essential arrangements for a relaxed holiday alone, as a couple or with the whole family is already perfect. Of course, such additional services can also be booked on site.

What is going on in the Saas Valley?

The easiest way for future guests at the Saaserhof Apartments to be informed about this is via the internet. On the Saaserhof Apartments website at, you can quickly, easily and clearly discover what’s going on in Saas Fee and the surrounding area in the Valais. Skiing, ice skating, curling, snowboarding or snowshoeing are certainly the highlights of the winter season.

During summer, versatile mountain tours, relaxing hikes, cycling excursions, the region’s open-air swimming pools, the fairy-tale weeks in Saas Fee, the fantastic mountain landscape with many 4000-metre peaks and many other offers attract visitors to the region. In addition, there are always weekly highlights that make holidays in the Saas Valley enjoyable. Many of these offers not only can be found online but can also be booked right away.

This also covers the fact that the Saaserhof Apartments have passes for the ski lifts in the region included in their range of services, both in winter and summer, so that ski in/ski out or great summer experiences in the Saas Valley are even more exciting.

Experience culinary delights online

What would a relaxing holiday be without diverse and tasty gastronomy? Perhaps only half the fun. Even though the apartments in the Saaserhof Apartments all have their own equipped kitchens, for many guests, especially families, the lunch and dinner offer by restaurant Saaser-Stube is indispensable. For this, too, a first impression can now be found online. In addition to the pictures of the restaurant Saaser-Stube, the menus and wine lists also arouse the desire for great taste experiences well before the trip to the Valais. It is less about high-end gourmet cuisine and more about varied enjoyment for the whole family, which is always based on regional and seasonal products. The fact that, in addition to burgers and pasta, fondue chinoise and beef fillet, there is also a real culinary highlight is the intention of the hosts, who always want to offer their guests exactly what they expect.

This also includes the cosy bar, which is an explicit invitation, especially in the evening hours at any time of the year, to all those who want to supplement an eventful day of holidaying in the Valais with special enjoyment and some relaxed entertainment.

Being informed online always involves extra content

Those who inform themselves extensively online before their stay at the Saaserhof Apartments get more out of their holiday. This is something that is known to all those who have already informed themselves about the various offers at the Saaserhof Apartments before their trip. You discover more than you expected. Thus, holidays prepared online are relaxed, eventful and always special.

This means that many offers from the Saaserhof Apartments as well as from the tourist service providers can be booked in advance, so that there is much more time for the real experiences on site. This is what active recreation in Saas Fee and the Saas Valley looks like when the possibilities offered by the internet are used effectively. The Saaserhof Apartments provide a lot of useful, helpful and advanced information for this purpose. This also includes the fact that thanks to free Wi-Fi, you can find out about the Valais and its people online at any time.

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