When guests become friends

Guests feel at home in the Saaserhof Apartments in Saas Fee. This often leads to occasional guests becoming regular guests. Returning to the comfortable apartments at the Saaserhof is often associated with the emergence of real friendships. Friendships are often developed not only with the hosts Nicole and Jonas Bumann, but also with other guests, and these relationships last long after the stay in the Saaserhof Apartments. Thus, the reunion not only brings joy, but is also time and again the basis for the emergence of genuine friendships. Read more about this in the detailed article

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Reunion brings joy

The Saaserhof Apartments are the holidaymakers’ destination in Saas Fee. This apartment house in the Saas Valley is just as popular among families with or without children as it is with senior citizens or individual travellers. There are plenty of reasons for this. Following the renovation of the Hotel Saaserhof into the Saaserhof Apartments, guests now have their own private refuge for a limited period, where they can spend their holidays as they please. Thanks to the renovation into apartments and excellent WLAN coverage, it is even possible to work comfortably in an alternative home office, which is a clear advantage for the Saaserhof Apartments, especially during the Corona pandemic.

Once you’ve been there, you’ll love to come back

The renovation of the rooms into comfortable apartments and a sophisticated accompanying offer giving access to the Saaser-Stube restaurant and the cosy bar have not only perpetuated a living tradition of development and hospitality, but have also reached groups of guests that were hard to reach with a classic hotel accommodation offer.

As a result, new guests keep arriving and are thrilled by the excellent conditions for a beautiful holiday at any time of the year. It is therefore not surprising that many visitors book their next holiday at the Saaserhof Apartments at the end of their holiday period. For those who are undecided about a reservation, the Saaserhof Appartements are the ideal place to stay in.

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This is how a new group of guests arises, which ensures many new opportunities to meet and get to know each other, leading to a real regular occupancy. This not only reassures the people who run the Saaserhof Apartments, but the guests as well, who feel at home here and in good hands at all times.

Many encounters turn into real friendships

Those who frequently meet the same people often develop deeper bonds with the people who were previously strangers. This is also true for many guests of the Saaserhof Apartments, who come to Saas Fee in the Saas Valley again and again at regular intervals. A first fleeting encounter soon turns into a friendly hello and at some point, people know each other so well that true friendships develop that last far beyond the holiday season. Children are not the only ones who meet new friends here, adults likewise build strong relationships with other guests and sometimes even with the hosts of the Saaserhof Apartments.

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Nicole and Jonas Bumann are particularly proud of this, presenting themselves as excellent hosts time and again.

Anyone who enjoys being a guest will find the warm-hearted couple running the apartments to be the perfect hosts. They always have time for a few personal words. Thus, a regular reunion at the Saaserhof Apartments not only brings joy, but often also real friends.

Four-legged friends are welcome! Enjoy your holiday with your dog on long walks, hikes and excursions. Extensive walks, hikes and excursions with your pet in Saas-Fee and end the day with dinner in the Saaser-Stube!

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Linus loves the Saaserhof!

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